Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gone But Not Forgotten?

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is one of three potential sites for a future (or rebuilt) NFL stadium in Los Angeles.

Apparently the Rose Bowl is only prepared to offer limited naming rights to sponsors, but on Tuesday I heard a spokesman for the Coliseum say that they would offer complete naming rights, meaning a sponsor could name the stadium, "XXX Memorial Coliseum."

The two specific examples floated were "Yahoo! Memorial Coliseum" or "Coca-Cola Memorial Coliseum."

Personally I do not think that Yahoo or Coca-Cola should jump at this advertising opportunity, for the reason that Yahoo and Coca-Cola are not dead.


At 1:33 PM, May 26, 2005, Blogger Ashbloem said...

I really despise this naming rights business. "American Airlines Center", "Gilette Stadium", "Bank of America Pavilion"... Is there, in fact, anywhere other than Fenway Park that isn't so named? I'm sure there are, but probably won't be for long.

Especially if corporations like Yahoo! and Coca-cola do indeed die, because a memorial stadium in their honor would be required.

At 12:38 AM, May 27, 2005, Blogger Richard Mason said...

Incidentally it is sad that probably not many people even know what the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is meant to memorialize. (World War I dead, I think.)


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