Friday, May 06, 2005

Stage Fright

On Thursday night a reporter from Marketplace came by to talk to us and see us testing the truck. We put him in the driver's seat for a spin around the parking lot. Predictably, although the truck had been working fine the day before, now it wouldn't go anywhere because of a bug in the continually-updated software.

Speaking of self-driving cars, I just today became aware, via huge Westwood billboard, of the new Herbie movie! Later: This "billboard" is actually the painted side of a building, and it perhaps caught my attention more because they hadn't finished painting yet. When I saw it on Friday, Lindsay Lohan was there but Herbie was not yet in evidence, except perhaps as a Volkswagen-shaped negative space. On Saturday most of Herbie was painted in, but he didn't have wheels, or a number 53 on his hood yet.


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