Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Big Blue Bus

I was not in love with the mass transit today.

First of all a #1 Big Blue Bus drove right by me without stopping at Fourth and Santa Monica. I guess that #1 Big Blue Bus stop does not count despite the big sign. Why does the bus not stop there after stopping at the seemingly-identical stand at Third and Santa Monica? I do not know. I walked a block west and got the next bus ten minutes later.

Then the bus took a horrifyingly long time to get to UCLA. Every light had to change twice before the bus crawled through. I'm not positive that driving a car would have been faster but it couldn't have been any slower. Walking would have been faster. I was half an hour late to my appointment.

Then on the return trip on the #3 bus we had to wait to get on the bus while the driver took his OSHA-mandated ten-minute break or something. Come on. Switch drivers! There's got to be a better way.

P.S. Movie trivia: the first bus to blow up in the movie Speed is a Big Blue Bus. I forget what number it is.


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