Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Smallest Possible Amount of Media Exposure

I thought that Golem would be in the April issue of Popular Science and I was disappointed to flip through it at the newstand and not find anything.

Well, it turns out that I did get a mention (page 38). In a text box with rather small print. Which is not mentioned at all in the table of contents, so that it can only be found by paging through the magazine.

For this article I first spoke to the Popular Science reporter, then the fact checker called back. Among their distorted facts were, "in last year's race, you had a 2005 Dodge Ram," and, "what stopped you was that you had a speed limit such that you couldn't go more than 5 miles per hour." The funny thing about these statements is that not only are they false, but you can tell just by reading them that they are false. They could not possibly be true.

Oh well. At least they spelled my name right.


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