Saturday, April 09, 2005

Minor Tale of the Golem

I'm conscious that I don't actually tell many Tales of the Golem here. And this one may not be particularly gripping, but I was pleasantly surprised that Golem 1 passed its biannual smog test without any problems. Two years ago, the place where I took it told me that they would charge me twice the posted rate to test it, and their normal money-back-if-you-fail guarantee did not apply (but, to their surprise, the truck did pass).

This time I had to go to a test-only center. And the two people being tested in front of me both failed. But the big dirty black truck with the modified engine passed. Yay.

Since I was already past the deadline by which I should have done all this, I expedited the re-registration process by going to the AAA Automobile Club of Southern California. The AAA office is interesting because it is like a less sullen version of the DMV. Carpet on the floor, colorful paint on the walls. You still have to wait around in a holding area for fricking forever, but they are apologetic about it and thank you for waiting.

Meanwhile, the UCLA facilities people won't let us wash the truck at the bay where all the UCLA vehicles get washed. Boo hiss. But I found a hose-it-down-yourself car wash on Lincoln that is kind of fun to use.


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