Thursday, June 16, 2005

Old Boxes

Today I tried to make some progress on the Herculean task of cleaning up my office and unpacking old boxes. Some of these boxes date from when I moved offices eight months ago. A couple of them date from when I left Caltech three years ago, or before.

Things I found in these boxes include:

  • old slides from thesis talk, etc. (throw into trash)
  • old papers on ctenophores that I'm never going to read (throw into trash)
  • twelve-year-old notes from Caltech physics classes (reluctant to throw these away although I am unlikely to go through them again, and they have embarrassing limericks, etc., in the margins)
  • sixteen-year-old notes from Harvard Japanese classes (remarkably, these might actually be useful now)
  • stacks of old comic books (what the hell? these have been sitting in my office all this time?)

Although I'm all for projecting a youthful, fun-loving image, I think the old superhero comics might be going a little far. Now I have to hide them again and/or smuggle them out of my office without anyone seeing them.


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