Friday, July 22, 2005

Twenty Gallons of Gas In A Fifteen Gallon Tank

I was annoyed to learn today that my 1995 Jeep Wrangler does not have a fifteen-gallon gas tank as I had always supposed. It has a twenty-gallon gas tank. And an extended fill vent hose to stop you from putting more than fifteen gallons of gas in it.

If the original owner (not me) had bought the Jeep with the more expensive "20 gallon tank" option, then they would have received a shorter fill vent hose so they could fill the tank up.

Deliberately hobbling your own product just strikes me as sleazy and wrong. It actually cost Chrysler more (a few pennies more) to make a worse product, so that they could charge more for an uncrippled version. Scumbags!

Region coding for DVDs and various anti-compatibility measures in the computer industry are vaguely similar and those practices annoy me too. But this Jeep thing is worse, if anything.

If I get ambitious enough I might try to chop off the offending fill vent hose. But I have some other repairs I have to do first, like fixing the passenger door (again).


At 11:54 AM, July 25, 2005, Blogger Ashbloem said...

Region coding for DVDs makes my blood boil, having purchased many DVDs in Europe that I would like to watch here, and vice versa.

Considering movie releases aren't as delayed in different countries as they used to be, I don't really understand this practice at all.

I read how to hack the X-Box to play multiple regions, but being a chicken, I didn't do it.

I preferred to just smoulder with indignation instead.


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