Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Man it looked just like the Batmobile

At first glance I assumed this bus ad was for a new TV show. In Los Angeles, it would have been a TV show. But that's the difference between Los Angeles and Washington D.C., it seems: here the bus ads are for military vehicle programs.

I don't really understand why defense contractors do this. Everyone who sees a bus ad for a TV show might possibly watch that show, but how many "customers" are there who actually decide whether a military program gets funded, and who gets the contract? Can this really be an effective way of reaching them?

Now, this particular bus does go near the Pentagon, so perhaps it's not that poorly targeted.

But I also see Lockheed Martin, et al., put ads in general-interest magazines. I don't really get it.

Speaking of the Batmobile, the Wikipedia article for Alfred Lee Loomis claims that "he is considered the model for Bruce Wayne." That would be interesting if true, but I don't see any evidence that anybody apart from that Wikipedia editor seriously believes it to be true.


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