Monday, May 26, 2008

Terror of Colorado Boulevard

ICRA was in exotic Pasadena this year. I went and gave a fifteen-minute talk on Golem 3. I knew I only had fifteen minutes, but I was still shocked when the moderator flashed the "five minutes left" sign and I had barely got around to saying anything. Then I had to rush through my actual points. I was very annoyed... at myself, I guess. Maybe at the moderator, if he didn't give me the proper amount of time.

Norm Whitaker said there won't be a fourth robot race... not under this DARPA director. Under a new administration, who knows.

Friday night we went out to celebrate Luke's successful Ph.D. defense. The Caltech rugby guys are pretty funny. Luke is off to work at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach. Apparently there are poker players at Northrop Grumman so we might be able to restart the poker game. Casa Mason might become Poker Central since Santa Monica is roughly in between Pasadena and Redondo Beach

Sunday night Oz threw a party to
  1. observe the landing of the Phoenix mission on Mars (successful)
  2. observe the third game of the NBA Western Conference Finals (unsuccessful, from the Lakers' point of view)
  3. play poker (unsuccessful, but not disastrous, from my point of view).


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