Sunday, January 06, 2008

If I were David Byrne, I'd go to galleries and not be too concerned

We went to the Murakami exhibit at the MOCA. There was a huge line stretching into the parking lot, that only got longer and longer as time went on. One could skip the line and go straight in by buying a MOCA membership for $75... Otherwise it was $16 for two people. Clever marketing by MOCA?

I'm glad that we waited out the line and didn't fork over the $75. The exhibit was just okay. I like a naked woman transforming into a fighter jet as much as the next guy, but the Lovecraftian nightmares of Things With a Million Eyes and Mouths got kind of old after the fourth room. There was an episode of an anime television series that reminded me a lot of a Nintendo game.

There was a short live-action film that (as I understand) was an excerpt from a full Murakami feature film that will be released in Fall 2008. It is nominally about a sexually impotent assassin who specializes in killing Japanese dignitaries. There was a text rollup explaining how this character has flown into Japan. Then the film excerpt begins and there is a long scene of an unintroduced, unexplained girl washing her hair in the sink, then an external shot of a building, then a shot of a monorail train going by. That's it. If what I saw is representative of the movie as released, it will be the Worst Action Movie Ever.

In other news, congratulations to O'Briens regular Alex Boisvert for winning a Gold Medal (for Best Early Week Puzzle) and another honorable mention in the 2007 awards from the American Crossword Critics Association.


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