Sunday, December 02, 2007

Long ago somebody left with the cup

As most people have heard by now, we were unsuccessful in this year's DARPA race. We got cut on the last day of qualification trials. Here are some videos of our performance including a crash that burst one of the front tires.

DARPA didn't cut us just for the crash. It was more complicated than that. The crash probably didn't help.

I don't feel like talking about it too much, but I do have to relive it all in order to put together a final report on it this month. It appears that DARPA will pay us $250,000 on receipt of said final report, which is better than a kick in the teeth.

Mondegreen of the Day: I was going to title this post "Keep your dream, just give me the money," but it turns out I was mishearing the song. The real lyric is "Keep your drink, just give me the money!" Not the same thing at all.


At 7:13 AM, December 04, 2007, Blogger pAuL said...

I like this blog title better - nothing cheers you up like cake!

You'll get 'em next year

At 6:25 PM, December 05, 2007, Blogger Richard Mason said...

Maybe I should have gone with the bowel-shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse...


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