Monday, December 11, 2006

The time I like is the rush hour, 'cos I like the rush

I was just walking home thirty minutes ago and passed Yao Ming, walking by himself in the other direction on Wilshire.

I had a general idea what Yao Ming looked like, but I was not one hundred percent sure, at the time, that it was him. It seemed possible that he was just some random Chinese guy, who was the tallest person I had ever seen in my life. Or, maybe just some random Chinese guy standing on the shoulders of someone walking down Wilshire.

But get this. We had planned to do some joint robot-car tests with Caltech yesterday, but we were not able to, because the designated parking lot was being used for filming of Rush Hour 3.

And it turns out that Yao Ming is going to be in Rush Hour 3. He will be playing "Triad Member."

We will be able to use the parking lot next weekend. Apparently no filming is allowed to happen in Pasadena that late in the year, on the grounds that the police and other city services already have their hands full preparing for the Rose Bowl.


My latest idea regarding rush hour is that the police should start driving full-size pickup trucks instead of their current cruisers. I think these could still be fast enough to engage in high-speed pursuits, but big enough that when there was an accident obstructing traffic, the first cop to the scene could pull the vehicles off the freeway, instead of waiting for a tow truck. I think this would ease traffic problems a lot.

This assumes that you wouldn't normally need a full-on wrecking truck to do the job... although I guess there may be a difference between towing a malfunctioning-but-mostly-intact vehicle, and moving a totally wrecked vehicle.


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