Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Match Point

From somewhere I got the idea that Match Point would be surprising, and that it would be better if we went to see it without knowing anything about it in advance, other than what I already knew about it, which was that it is a Woody Allen movie, but not a typical Woody Allen movie.

In the past when I've made studious efforts to avoid spoiling movies, I've usually ended up horribly disappointed. But this time I wasn't. Match Point was very good. So I won't say any more about it and I suggest you see it without reading any reviews. Critics can't keep their mouths shut.


At 4:32 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Jordan said...

I completely agree. I would put it in his top five movies ...

At 5:27 AM, January 27, 2006, Blogger Hope said...

Is it something you think most guys will like? I'm interested to see it, but not sure my boyfriend will want to. Woody Allen movies are an acquired taste.

Thanks for stopping by my site!

At 5:09 PM, January 27, 2006, Blogger Richard Mason said...

Well, it is a slow-moving drama about relationships and social climbing among upper-class Brits. But it is more of a guy movie than, say, Pride & Prejudice. There is some sex and a bit of violence.


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