Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Shout Out to the Old High School

I've often thought over the years that the single strongest thing about my tiny Dallas magnet high school was the computer science program.

And what do you know, the College Board has declared the School for the Talented and Gifted (Dallas, TX) as the best small school in the world in AP Computer Science, AP Art History, and AP Human Geography! Go Griffins...

"Best" is defined as pass rate percentage of the entire student population on the AP test. "Small" is defined as less than 500 students in grades 9-12. "The world" is defined as mostly the United States, plus 760 schools in U.S. territories or outside the U.S. altogether.

The rumor is that the Griffins might also have been best small school in AP U.S. History, but they were pipped by some place called the U.S. House of Representatives Page School.

Other schools I notice on the list:

  • Polytechnic School (Pasadena, CA) -- best small school in AP Calculus AB. This school is right next door to Caltech.
  • Science and Engineering Magnet School (Dallas, TX) -- best small school in AP Calculus BC. Perhaps surprisingly, I only know one person who went there.
  • Harvard Westlake School (North Hollywood, CA) -- best medium school in AP Physics B, AP English Literature, AP Environmental Science, and AP Human Geography. I used to have a roommate who taught there.
  • Boston Latin School (Boston, MA) -- best large school in AP Latin, quelle surprise. I knew several people at Harvard who went there.
  • Booker T. Washington School for Performing and Visual Arts (Dallas, TX) -- best medium school in AP Music Theory. I knew a couple of people who headed there and I don't think I ever saw them again!
  • Phillips Academy (Andover, MA) -- best large school in AP Physics C and AP Music Theory. I had a college roommate who went there and may also have coached soccer.
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA) -- an AP superpower with large-school titles in Biology, BC Calculus, Chemistry, English Language, French Language, U.S. Government, Psychology, and U.S. History. I think quite a few Caltechers went there.


At 12:29 PM, February 03, 2005, Blogger Chris said...

What, the Smart Bohemian has caused the daily affirmations to be suppressed? What kind of totalitarian regime exists in your household? Her blog should be retitled something more sinister, like the Smart Bohemian with the Steel-Toed Boots.

At 3:26 PM, February 03, 2005, Blogger Richard Mason said...

I grew weary of the Daily Affirmations when I began to suspect that I wasn't good enough or smart enough and that people didn't like me.

At 8:08 AM, February 06, 2005, Blogger Joe said...

Did they have a category for highest per capita use of smokeless tobacco products and/or wearing of mesh ballcaps before it was cool? My high school would have kicked ass in the medium-sized division.

At 10:52 PM, February 07, 2005, Blogger Richard Mason said...

Hmmm... AP Smokeless Tobacco...


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